The world's first real estate development cryptocurrency.

Relex- Setting new standards for FDI real estate development

Our mission: We at Relex are distributing the institutional benefits of world class real estate FDI development to the people, and act as a gateway streamlining FDI into developing economies and funds. 

We are pioneering in providing an investment gateway for the world's first blockchain-based real estate pre-IPO onto the New York Stock Exchange, and in so doing provide greater access to investment benefits previously only available to institutional investors.  

Relex is a blockchain based funding vehicle creation of the parent company Squawk Advisors Inc. Squawk Advisors has an FDI development portfolio across multiple countries in the world. The Squawk group of companies has been contracting with FDI projects since 2014, and this Fall 2017, we are bringing our offerings onto the blockchain, such as Cocobay Danang, with its iconic tower seen to your right.

Relex is the world's first cryptocurrency based real estate developer opportunity. RLX holders have the opportunity to invest in projects during the development phase, which results in exciting opportunities such as proxy ownership of resorts, shopping malls, offices, and more. And gain more rights as a proxy developer, having your voice heard regarding design and implementation of the final master plan.


Relex development portfolio projects have the following features: 


There is now a better way to access yield, while retaining your standards for high transparency and high accountability for your investable capital. Introducing Relex, the world's first real estate development focused cryptocurrency, designed to provide better and simplified access for investors to high-yield projects around the world, while qualifying real estate projects to a higher level of transparency in order to be eligible for institutional capital consideration. We support projects in both developed and developing markets that strive to set the bar higher in the interest of project integrity.  According to Jones Lang Lasalle's Global Real Estate Transparency Index 2016, almost 75% of global capital invested in commercial real estate is in the Top 10 most transparent countries in the world. That means that projects in countries with low transparency scores are considered ineligible projects for investment. What if transparency scores in projects located in developing countries were improved, upgrading these projects and making them eligible for a wider stream of capital consideration?  Relex is solving this problem by increasing transparency and accountability standards for real estate development projects in developing nations with low transparency scores, and aligns itself with projects that are committed to transparency, integrity, and accountability in their real estate projects. With Relex, the projects that we partner with agree to fund their development projects on the Relex blockchain, and agree to a more strict line of transparency and accountability standards. In turn, projects on the Relex blockchain get an increased transparency and accountability score, and become eligible for a wider stream of investable capital into their projects. This is a win-win situation for both the investor and the project owners, in which there is better capital access, and better access to real estate development projects with a high degree of yield.

No Minimum Investment Amount

Redistributed broker commissions

We have negotiated a variety of deals across boardrooms in Southeast Asia and North America in order to negotiate the highest possible commissions we can- in some cases, up to as high as 10%. We redistribute these hard-won commissions on premium market contracts back to you, the community, as a way to give our proxy developers the best deal possible while they take an active role in the development of our partner developer's projects.

Crowdsourced involvement

Have a design for a new building? Have a better way to increase foot traffic? Have a mastermind way to put a megaproject on the map as a regional or global hotspot destination? Now you have the chance to prove your worth as a proxy developer with some of the top and emerging development companies in Asia and North America.



Squawk Advisors identifies, filters, negotiates, and originates a new real estate development contract. 


Investors then signal interest of investment into the newly signed project by sending 1 RLX to the developer signaling wallet. 


When the developer sees an adequate amount of signaling for the project, the developer will open the wallet address. Developer signaling phase will conclude.


After the signaling process is completed, the development contract is released to investors.


Investors then send RLX to the developer's wallet to be used to develop the resort, hotel, skyscraper, or office building. 


ETH bonuses are sent back to investors when developer distributes profits.


Woodfine Capital Projects - NORTH AMERICA FUND

Participate in the world's first real estate pre-IPO on blockchain enroute to the New York Stock Exchange, and acquire Woodfine common shares to build out professional centers, industrial buildings, retail, and office buildings across Canada, United States, and Mexico. 

Woodfine forecasts a 300% capital appreciation during the development cycle and annual distributions of over $20 per LP Unit.


Developer Update Video, Cocobay Danang

Cocobay Danang Official Theme Song

Cocobay Danang is red hot right now! Check out their official project video, with over 200,000 views on Youtube! As of now, the project-wide investment opportunity phase is now completed, and is now being conducted on a per unit basis. Remaining units in the Cocobay Towers is selling out fast! Located in one of the world's fastest growing economies in the world, don't miss out on this great investment opportunity!

Cocobay Project Details


 We have just learned that Cocobay Danang due to red hot demand is now FINISHED with the investment phase of the development. Most buildings are SOLD OUT or accounted for, with only units in the Cocobay Towers and one other building available. Please also note that the design phase is finished and completely locked in at this stage. This means that the opportunity for RLX holders is now only limited to UNIT SALES. 

With real estate prices as they are in Vietnam, along with a grossly lower construction expense, it results in first-class housing at a great price in an upwardly mobile Vietnam real estate market. A couple years ago, real estate prices in HCMC or Hanoi were 3-7 times cheaper than their peers in Bangkok, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, etc. There is also units still available in another tower, please email us at to inquire for details of how to own units in what will soon be Central Vietnam's #1 entertainment destination! 


Current capital requirement: $200 million

Developer-backed minimum 12%/year guarantee for 8 years

Full Details Available Here



Capital Requirements: $35 million USD for residential "Villas" portion

Commercial portion, including shopping mall and hotel/office tower complex, open for negotiation with Relex investors.

Exclusive location, with the riverside on the East, and the ocean inlet on the West

Unique design concept – “The Venice of Vietnam”.

Certificate for Long-term land use rights already acquired.


One of the world’s first real estate projects to be developed over blockchain.

Sept 2017: Underground Infrastructure Construction Completed

Oct 2017: Currently in the road grid construction phase

VIew Marine City Contract Here

Our Team

Keith Hilden, CEO

Keith Hilden is a Bitcoin veteran from 2011, and a frontier market finance professional that possesses deep experience. Keith passed the Certified Fraud Examiner exam for the CFE designation.  He has worked over the years to deepen investment ties between developing markets in Asia and North America. 


Kevin Nguyen, COO

Kevin-Vu Nguyen possesses multiple years of business development experience at various multinational companies, and has extensive experience in cross-border investment advisory in the area of real estate and pharmaceuticals, and has experience particularly in entertainment-complex investments.


Peter Lee, US Operations Director

 An ex-VP at JP Morgan, Peter has extensive experience in the areas of risk management and devising strategies to mitigate fraud. 

Peter has a proven track record of constantly adapting to any fluid environment, and building  and leading high performance teams.


John Bonar, Chief Investment Advisor, Russia Country Manager

Deputy Chairman of the Westminster Russia Forum, John Bonar has spent much of his 70 years reporting on emerging market countries in the Middle East, Russia and South East Asia. He is committed to forging business links between the developed world and emerging markets.


Hriday Sarma, Chief Business Strategist

Hriday Sarma has extensive experience working on behalf of the Indian government in Azerbaijan, Israel, and other nations. He is also the Founder of the Caucusus Asia Center, an organization working to deepen investment ties between the Caucusus and South Asia. 


Paul Goncharoff, Senior Advisor, Russia Market

An American businessman sitting on the board of several Russian companies, Paul has a well known track history on advising corporations in Russia and the CIS region in how to improve their corporate governance, transparency, and accountability, to the benefit of investors.


Han Wen, Chief Technology Officer

Han Wen is a highly sought after talented IT professional who has experience in payment system integrity in the area of mobile banking and other traditional legacy structures. He has consistently held senior software engineer titles in everything he does since 2009. Han Wen has also been a Bitcoin veteran, involved since 2011.


Jason Toncic, Chief Marketing Officer

With experience as an Administrator of cryptocurrency Vechain, Jason "JT" Toncic has proven himself to be extremely agile in a frenetic cryptocurrency market environment, and has earned the top role of Chief Marketing Officer. JT manages the entire marketing team under him. 


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